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Joboffer dated from 11/07/2017

Internship Project Management (f/m)

Productmanagement / Producing


3 - 6 months




Company data

Karlstraße 45a

76133   Karlsruhe

Job description

Internship Project Management (f/m)

At Fluffy Fairy Games you will... take ownership of everything you do. Be in an unique environment, a true no-bullshit meritocracy where your skills and efforts really make a difference. Build fast and ship faster. Try hard and learn harder. Grow with every problem encountered. Be paid at industry level. Have access to management all the time.

And you will not... get your game killed in an intransparent gate process. Wait a week for a management decision. Compromise on a viable idea because of somebody else’s gut feelings. Be surrounded by interns who shoulder much of the actual work without real pay or a chance to land a job. Watch the lead engineer fiddle about for days in search of a perfect solution if a solid hack would have solved the problem. Et cetera. You get the picture.



  • Work closely with our external partners, focus on localization
  • Maintain our store pages in all available languages
  • Provide a detailed overview regarding our release process at any time
  • Organize and coordinate appointments (internal and external)
  • Direct connection between organizational team and IT
  • Prepare everything for potential future employees (including visit, hardware and software)



  • Highly motivated and open-minded, well-organized work approach
  • Ability to adapt and execute new work methods extremely fast and independently
  • Very good knowledge of German and English (written and spoken)
  • Excellent communication skills, self-confident and able to represent the company on a professional level (e.g. at trade fairs/events)

Join our team 
in Karlsruhe & continue your career with us in Berlin starting January 2018. We offer free fruits & snacks, a lot of Club Mate and coffee!

Please send your full application (CV, cover letter, work sample, certificates) to Sophie at


Contact Person

Sophie Brügmann

Executive Assistant

Karlstraße 45a

76133 Karlsruhe

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