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Joboffer dated from 01/04/2019

Mission author and programmer for the X universe

Programmer: Game Developer



Depending on experience and education

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Heidestrasse, 4

52146   Würselen

Job description

While located in Germany, EGOSOFT is an international team dedicated to making the best space simulation games in existence. Our office is near Aachen in the very western end of Germany directly next to the Dutch and Belgian borders (so living in these countries and travelling to work is easily possible too).

Founded in 1990, EGOSOFT first developed just for the German market. Our focus on Space games with a much more international target audience, started with 1999s X: Beyond the Frontier, the first part in the ongoing X space game series. We are looking to only slightly extend our 20 people team.


Mission development for X4:Foundations

This job offer is partially a designer partially a programmer. You will be designing missions set in the X universe, learn the background fiction of this very deep game universe, so you can write story and dialogue for the involved NPCs and also write the scripts for these missions and stories in and XML based script language.


Required skills:

While knowledge of our primary programming language C++ is certainly welcome and would allow you to branch out into other areas, this is not a requirement for this position. Documentation of the MD scripting language is publicly available for modders of our games on the egosoft WIKI.


Additional requirements:

  • Interest in science and science fiction
  • Ability to write and tell stories
  • Desire to design worlds
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Experience as a scripter and writer

Contact Person

Bernd Lehahn


Heidestrasse, 4

52146 Würselen

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