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Joboffer dated from 01/07/2021

Animation Artist

Art / Layout / Illustration



12107 Berlin


Company data

Großbeerenstraße 2-10, House 1, Entrance 1.1

12107   Berlin

Job description

The Elysium Game Studio is an innovative and growing game studio that develops next-gen games for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.
The highest quality is a part of our gaming culture. Our studio was founded in 2019, with the focus on high quality narrative and emotional storytelling.

Now we are looking for a new member, an Animation Artist to join our new Berlin Game Studio from the beginning of March 2021 or maybe earlier.

This is a unique opportunity to keep growing your experience and creating something cool in Blade Runner style.

For your application its necessary to send us additional samples or a link to your portfolio.


- Create stunning animations that are both fluid and realistic.
- Working with mocap data, facial mocap, cleaning the animation and creating loops that are blended together and used in Unreal Engine 4 / 5.
- Work closely with programmers to create core mechanics and immersive experiences.
- Help to improve animation pipelines.
- Ability to plan animations to best fit the narrative needs of the game in the best way possible.
- Coordinate tasks with the Director, Game Designer and Programmers based on the current roadmap.


- Extensive knowledge of Maya and familiarity with the UE 4.

- Good rigging, skinning and keyframe animation skills.
- Practical knowledge of state machines in Unreal Engine 4, motion trees etc.
- Good demo reel.
- Exceptional skill in animating the human figure to create realistic character animations.
- Strong understanding of development issues in getting animations into a game.

Nice to Have:

Please note that these are desirable skills and are not required to apply for the position.

- Knowledge of working with Mocap-Datas and cleaning them.
- Experience as a professional Animation Artist.
- Ability to create Scripts in Maya to make the workflow faster.
- Experience at least in one project, an Third- or First-Person shooter, action, role-playing based, combat or melee game.

What we offer: 

- Bonus payments and also Profit-sharing from the success of the game.

- The chance to be a part of a new video game for the next-gen consoles PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.
- FUN.
- The opportunity to be a part of an innovative and growing start-up in video game development.
- Creative freedom.
- Attractive working environment in Berlin, Germany.
- Open company culture.
- Help to find an apartment and many more!

You got the skills for that, if yes! Then we want you! Anyone can apply to work for us, regardless of age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, worldview, race, orc or a cyborg.

We are a motivated team - working with passion and innovation is our top priority. With us, you will always have good vibes and a lot of fun while working.

If you are looking for something different, not boring and more creative, then we have just the right thing for you in a relaxed working atmosphere.


+++++ A Trailer and more information about the project on our website +++++

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Contact Person

Ivan Mirkovikj

Founder | CEO | Game Director

Großbeerenstraße 2-10, House 1, Entrance 1.1

12107 Berlin

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