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Joboffer dated from 03/24/2021

Project Lead (f/m/d)

Productmanagement / Producing





Company data

Bright Future GmbH

Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer 56

50968   Köln

Job description

The Mission

We want to empower teams to achieve exceptional quality and create meaningful game experiences that are enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. As a Game Director, you play a central role in this mission as you coordinate your team and work towards this vision. We have a network of excellent people who will support you with all the knowledge you need. Your main task is to create the conditions to elicit the best possible results and the highest possible creativity from your team.


If you are just as convinced by our mission as we are, come and join our team!


Your tasks:

  • You manage the Game Center entrusted to you and its team (approx. 23 employees) both commercially and organizationally. We attach great importance to maximum independence and freedom of decision for the individual game centers.
  • You are responsible for the budget of your game and decide on your own authority what the budget is used for (conception, development, marketing, and the promotion of your employees).
  • You are responsible for the game vision and maintain it together with your team.
  • You have the disciplinary responsibility for your team and understand it as one of your most important tasks to create and maintain an excellent team spirit and to promote cooperation.
  • You pave the way for creativity and personal responsibility, so that members of your team have fun at work and always work towards the qualitative development of the game.
  • You see yourself as an ambassador for your game, both internally and externally.

Your talents:

  • You play games, make games, love games; this passion - especially for your game - is what drives you every day.
  • You have experience and in-depth knowledge of free-to-play MMO games, both from an industry and player perspective.
  • A commercial background (studies and/or several years of work experience) and a good feeling for numbers will help you to fulfill your mission.
  • You know what it means to develop and market games and pay attention to the small details that make good games great.
  • You are a strong organizational talent and flexibility paired with the ability to work independently are in your blood.
  • You are creative and use your talent to further develop the vision of the project and drive innovation.
  • You like to communicate with people and bring along a high level of team building skills.


Desirable talents (not required):

  • You have experience in people management and coaching.
  • You have a very good command of written and spoken German.



Contact Person

Mette Beckhof


Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer 56

50968 Köln

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