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Joboffer dated from 01/14/2022


Art / Layout / Illustration



20354 Hamburg


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Drehbahn 47-48

20354   Hamburg

Job description


As Senior Narrative Designer, your main job is to develop canon, stories, plots, and written content for different game projects. This includes generating world backgrounds, storylines, characters and all in-game descriptions and explanations like quest content, dialogue, and item descriptions.      


  • Creating the overall story of a product while maintaining the vision of the product
  • Quickly writing compelling dialogue for missions as well as descriptions for factions, characters, items, new features, etc., which are suitable for the target audience
  • Cooperating closely with game teams, community managers, and graphic artists to create a coherent narrative context for the game
  • Writing in-game ad copy (e.g. payment texts, teasers, special offers)
  • Proofreading and editing of in-game and marketing texts
  • Maintaining a consistent tone and voice within a game’s texts, while keeping its vision in mind
  • Defining, designing, and implementing narrative systems from conception to realization
  • Working within a narrative team to identify plot lines, story arcs and narrative beats that support the game design and the underlying IP
  • Supporting the Game Design team in defining systems and structures to support the game experience throughout the entire game
  • Doing research, gathering information and creating documentation (e.g. game canon, character and story bibles)
  • Participating in brainstorming sessions to define ideas for future game updates as well as coming up with new ideas for how the storyline can be extended as the game develops
  • Managing the interface between the product and localization teams: Preparing content and context material for localization, contextual support during the localization process within the time allotted by production
  • Being prepared to rewrite and revise work (often several times) following feedback
  • Support with organizational tasks and in mentoring and development of junior designers.


  • University  degree in the related field would be a plus point
  • An excellent understanding of (non-) linear narrative systems and structures
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  •  Able to create compelling content for use in an interactive world, using literary skills to develop themes and storylines, while making characters and plots believable
  • Able to craft a story that shows off the features that the game is built around
  • Focused on creating narrative systems that tell the player’s story
  •  Able to quickly come up with creative ideas for storylines, characters, and general content without prior preparation
  • Good understanding what style of writing works best for the game and its target audience
  • Avid gamer with a solid understanding of game development and game genres
  • Knowledge of Game Design, Creative Writing, Literature or equivalent gained through practical work experience and/or academic studies
  • Familiarity with common scheduling, documentation, task and issue tracking tools (such as Confluence, Jira, etc.)
  • Able to proofread and edit content
  • Able to work and thrive in a team environment to create the best player experience possible
  • Able to plan, prioritize, multitask and perform in a deadline-oriented environment
  • Self-motivated and proactive with a strong work ethic.

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Nizar Nasrullah

Human Resources

Drehbahn 47-48

20354 Hamburg

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