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Joboffer dated from 01/25/2024

QA Working-Student

QA / Testing



1200€ / Month



Company data

Moi Rai Games GmbH

Henriette-Herz-Ring 119

21035   Hamburg

Job description

We are moi rai games, a small, skilled indie dev team from Germany. We recently released our first game, Monster Sanctuary, which was quite successful.


We are aiming to do even better with our current project ‘Aethermancer’ - an RPG combining Monster Taming and Roguelite. Visually, it will be a pixel art game from a top-down perspective. We have a well-working and almost complete team working on it by now. We are now looking for a working-student (”Werkstudent” contract) to mainly help out with Quality Assurance as well as contributing to our Game Design processes.


Note: We will also accept intern positions (if you need to do a mandatory internship for your study program, for example).


Steam store link for Aethermancer:


Some more information about “Werkstudent” contracts:


Job Description

Do you feel up to the task?

  • You enjoy testing work-in-progress prototypes and are able to effectively identify bugs and issues, describe concisely what is wrong, and handle repeated test cycles.
  • You enjoy playing similar games (turn-based RPGs, Roguelites, Monster Taming games, etc.).
  • You enjoy participating in brainstorming sessions and have a talent for game design - especially the ability to conceptualize gameplay patterns in your mind. You should be able to estimate whether a feature would be worthwhile implementing without having to playtest it, and be able to explain your point.
  • You are fluid in English.
  • You reside and study in Germany.
  • First experience with game development (especially with Unity) is a benefit.
  • We are a small team with members often covering multiple roles. If you are a "jack of all trades" and are interested in also doing other tasks for a change, this is possible. (But not a must)
  • You’re a gamer at heart and a nice person.


What we offer

  • Appreciative and flexible working conditions without crunch.
  • During the semester, 15-20 hours weeks (20 hours is the maximum with the “Werkstudent” contract). During semester breaks, you may work up to 35 hours a week if desired (flexible payment).
  • Competitive payment.
  • Completely remote work.
  • International, young, and easygoing team.
  • Low hierarchy and chance to contribute your ideas.
  • Remote team events, for example: online gaming get-togethers.
  • You will receive mentoring from our QA and Game Design leads.


Company Vision

We have a strong ethical company vision, creating games ‘the right way'.

It’s done when It’s done

We want to release the game complete, polished, and without major bugs. We also plan to work without a publisher on this project, to have maximum freedom in what way and when we want to release the game.

Ethical Values

We want to develop games with good ethical values from gamer and game developer perspective:

  • Pay for the whole game once and get everything, no microtransactions, no pay to win, no cosmetics. (Full fledged DLCs with good amount of content are ok, but our current goal is also to keep those for free)
  • No shitty/shady behaviour towards our community. Keep things transparent. Don’t promise things we’re not delivering. Don’t advertise on a platform we’re going to abandon because of a better exclusive deal.
  • No discrimination in any form.

Staying flexible, react to player feedback

To get the best possible end result, we try to stay flexible throughout the development of our projects. We don’t plan out the whole project from start to finish and then drop it on the market once it is finished as is. Instead, we try to group the project into smaller milestones, like a prototype/demo or early access/beta. Release those to the public and have it played by as many people as possible and adjust the game based on the feedback we get. Staying close to the community is an important part of the company.


Please send your application including your CV, portfolio and short statement (no long motivational letters!) why you want to join us to

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to this email address and Anton will be happy to answer you!

Contact Person

Denis Sinner

Henriette-Herz-Ring 119

21035 Hamburg

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