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Joboffer dated from 01/29/2024

Senior Game Developer (f/m/d)

Programmer: Game Developer



Remote oder München


Company data

Leyline Creations GmbH i.G.

Herzogspitalstraße 24

80331   München

Job description

About us:

Leyline Creations is an audacious and newly minted gaming studio based in Munich. We are driven by a passion for crafting groundbreaking games, that focus on roleplaying and strategic depth.

Our debut endeavour will be a cooperative roguelike deckbuilder for PC. Brimming with RPG elements, a difficulty curve bordering on the abusive and with only your partner in crime to help you out, we try to bring the genre we’ve grown to love to its next level.


What we offer:

  • Founders coming from Excellence: Before trying his hands on his life-long passion in the gaming sector our Creative Director founded and helped scale an AI Startup from scratch to 250 ppl and a billion dollar evaluation. Our anchor for operations and marketing is a distinguished lawyer who has previously worked in multiple prestigious law firms while finishing his PhD from LMU. 
  • Shared Success, Shared Sorrow: We believe that every win is sweeter and every loss is bearable when you're in it with your team. We share the profit from our titles and want to have you as a permanent and integral part of the company.
  • Smells like Team Spirit: Be part of our office in the heart of Munich, where creativity and teamwork are celebrated. Our team shares a close friendship beyond our work, often spending our free time together diving into the latest roguelikes and exploring new gaming adventures as a team. 



  • Ultimate Ownership: Spearhead the whole development process from concept to release in an engine and setup of your choice; build the game how you think it's best.
  • Engineering-first Perspective: Anticipate, manage and drive the technical goals of the studio in constant communication with the other team members.
  • Polished, high quality Codebase: We honour our players and want to deliver an immersive experience where the only pain and tears come from the challenges we placed upon them deliberatively.
  • Intuition is great, Data is better: A basic understanding of data preprocessing and tools like Firebase or Unity Analytics so we can draw insight from our playerbase and adjust our game design decisions accordingly. 
  • We offer shared Adventures: Our titles focus on multiplayer first gameplay and even though our first title is an asynchronous turn-based game which limits the networking complexities, a smooth multiplayer experience is a must.



  • Know what great looks like: Have 5+ years of experience in game development with at least one shipped, well-received title.
  • Hands on Approach: Exceptional ability to work independently, coupled with a deep sense of ownership and responsibility for the quality and success of your work.
  • Be a Teamplayer: Excellent teamwork and communication skills.
  • Love for the Craft: Have a deep passion for game development, ideally for RP, rogue-like and/or card battling games and a desire to innovate within the genre.


How to Apply:

Excited to be part of our story? Send your resume and a portfolio to We can't wait to hear from you!

Contact Person

Jonathan Hager

Operations and Marketing

Herzogspitalstraße 24

80331 München

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