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Jobrequest dated from 02/23/2019

Community Manager

Dzhuliana El-Kakhat


Dzhuliana ...




My name is Dzhuliana and I have been working as a Community Manager in the game industry for nearly 5 years. Currently, I am working with PlayerUnknown's Battleground (CIS version) as a Team Lead of PUBG Community Team. 


I have vast experience in managing various social media channels. For example, our main community page in the social network "VKontakte" has nearly 1 million followers and I fully support it. Our Discord server has more than 15k members and nearly 4k online users in prime time. I have launched, set up, and from then I have been fully supporting and managing it. My responsibilities include communicating with players and collecting their feedback, creating and publishing entertaining content, working with volunteers (I currently manage 35 moderators). I also have experience working with Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch.


As a Team Lead, I create a content plan and distribute tasks among members of my team, and coordinate their activities as well. I also interact with other departments (art, web, support, marketing, QA, etc.) and know how to work and communicate with them in the most productive and efficient way.


I am an easygoing and friendly team player, I like challenges and I'm not afraid of difficulties. Among my strong skills, I can name quick and productive response to problems and unexpected situations as well as multidisciplinary and multidirectional analysis and approach to tasks.  


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