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Jobrequest dated from 12/11/2018

Community Manager

Dzhuliana El-Kakhat


Dzhuliana ...




My name is Dzhuliana and I have been working as a Community Manager in the game industry for nearly 5 years. Currently, I am working with PlayerUnknown's Battleground (CIS version) as a Team Lead of PUBG Community Team. 


I often help my game producer with operational tasks, therefore I have an experience in this field as well. I also have vast experience in various internal game testings and an IT background (I used to work as a System Administrator). I closely work with our QA-department and game developers and have a deep understanding of their job. 


I am a native Russian speaker and my English is at an Upper Intermediate level (B2). 


I love games, and I am extremely passionate about them. I enjoy working with games in any form — either as a Community Manager, or as QA Tester (for example).


Now I am looking for a job in the game industry in Berlin, Germany.


I see myself working in a creative environment and exchanging experience in communication field. Learning new approaches and techniques as well as shearing my own working methods I've developed for the past years working in the game industry.


Feel free to take a look at my CV and contact me.





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