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Limbic Entertainment GmbH

Heinrich-Hertz-Strasse 21
63225 Langen


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Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to enter the games industry? Do you share our enthusiasm for game development? Limbic Entertainment might be the place for you! We have various open positions we would love to fill.

Over the course of 15 years we have had great times and tough times. We have been through overtime and crunch, and lazy months too. There were good projects and horrible projects, and we had awesome partners and disastrous collaborations. At the end what matters is that we are still here. And the vast majority of days we like what we are doing.

A couple of things you should know about us: Not everything is perfect and usually nothing is ever easy. This being said we are actually aware that we have some deficits:

We are pretty sure you can make more money elsewhere. Actually we think we provide quite a competitive salary and benefits package, but if you aim to maximize compensation we are probably the wrong studio to look at.

We are not “too big to fail”. We are not in the luxury position to work the ominous Blizzard way (“it´s done when it´s done”) and new projects do not come out of thin air. Every few years we struggle and are concerned about our future and fear the transition times between projects.

At the same time:

We are transparent and reliable when it comes to career opportunities, compensation and our obligations.

We are “small enough” that everyone who wants to make a difference, can.

We are looking for someone who loves games just as much as we do. We want people in our team who like challenges and enjoy being creative.

We want our team members to share our philosophy and to identify with our company. If making games is more than just some job to you, then you might be just the right person for our crew.

Thanks for reading and we would be more than happy to receive your application and get to know you!

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Loren Bucioglu

Heinrich-Hertz-Strasse 21

63225 Langen

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