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Stellenangebot vom 19.05.2020

Senior 3D Artist

Art / Layout / Illustration


ab sofort




Lotosweg 31

13467   Berlin


We are looking for a Senior 3D Artist to join us as a core team member.

You will work on a new, unannounced HDRP Unity Project
(Strategy, Combat, Apocalyptic Setting)

and our Synthetik Franchise (Shooters).



  • Self agency & flexible hours
  • Above average pay
  • Great opportunity for personal development with varied subjects and we will evolve our workflows
  • Nice location in the center of the Berlin at Checkpoint Charlie (although move imminent)
  • Working on games with focus on gameplay, replay value and substance and with astrong vision.
  • Fast and optimized pipeline and framework within Unity for easy content creation
  • Pros and Cons of a tiny team (8 People, scaling up)
  • Your opinion matters and valued even in other areas such as gameplay
  • Good hardware with 3-4 Monitor Setup and we can get what you'll need

The new Game is a HDRP Unity games project (If you like RTS, Shooters, Weapons, Vehicles, you are at the right place)

(The old game used a 2D engine with pre-rendered Art)


Skills & Requirements

Must have:

  • Strong 3D Modelling & art skills
  • Able to come up with own designs to a degree and have a strong eye for aesthetics
  • Must be able to execute on Environments, Props, Buildings (Weapons) (Vehicles) - These will be in focus
  • Fluent in current game art workflows and baking, ideally experience in Unity
  • Ideally versed in more than one discipline but that is a bonus
  • Looking for either Senior or Art Lead level, very promissing Regular is also possible


Alexander Luck


Lotosweg 31

13467 Berlin

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