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Stellenangebot vom 26.09.2023

Animation Programmer (f/m/d) (Full Time)

Programmer: Game Developer


ab sofort

12435 Berlin



DAS Developing Athletics Software GmbH

Lohm├╝hlenstr 65

12051   Berlin


For our football training software platform, we’re looking to hire a highly experienced programmer and designer who can support our team with excellent technical knowledge and experience designing technically solid and user-friendly software.

You will be in charge of keeping up the development of our extensive animation system, handling locomotion, kicks, ball receives, dribbles, goalkeeper actions, and more.

Beyond that, you’ll help our development and design team to design systems that make Apollo the best training tool possible.

You will work as a regular member of our team and should be located in Berlin or willing and able to move to Berlin.


We offer:
  • A long-term professional work relationship
  • Flexible work hours
  • Ability to work remotely and / or onsite with us on our presence days
  • Competitive pay
  • Modern hardware and software provided by us
  • Work in an open, friendly environment where every voice matters
Your tasks:
  • Add to and maintain an existing codebase
  • Set up animator controller graphs, blend trees, parameters, scripts for our animation system
  • Write code that performs complex tasks such as turning moving dots into fully animated humanoid football players, using the animations from our database
  • Expand and improve our movement system driven by animation curves
  • Keep the vision of the project in mind for every task that is done by you or others
Your skills:
  • Experience setting up complex animation systems with Unity Mechanim Animators and c# scripting
  • Design thinking skills that apply to the creation of animation systems
  • Experience writing design documents for production
  • Good organizational skills and the ability to give and receive feedback in a structured, professional manner
  • Solid understanding of the Unity engine as well as the ability to write clean, well-structured, readable code in c#
  • Fluent in English and / or German
  • At least 3 years of relevant, professional experience and a finished relevant degree
Nice to have:
  • Good theoretical understanding of 3d modeling and/or texturing for realtime applications
  • Experience working with highly realistic motion capture animations
  • Experience working with and deploying for VR
  • Experience with optimization, especially for mobile platforms, WebGL, and standalone VR devices
  • A decent understanding and passion for football tactics


Pavel Koppmann

Lohm├╝hlenstr 65

12051 Berlin

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