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Senior Graphics Programmer

Programmer: Game Developer


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Frankfurt am Main



Cloud Imperium Games Limited

Europa-Allee 52

60327   Frankfurt am Main


Cutting edge graphics to power an entire universe

As a Senior Graphics Programmer, you would be pushing forwards the rendering technology that powers a huge sandbox universe, spanning every conceivable scale from shading interstellar gas clouds, planets and asteroid belts, down to rendering individual human hairs.

You will also advance the core rendering technology that aspires to achieve photo-real visuals, such as physically based light, eye and lens simulations, as well as more low-level engine technologies such as shader building & compilation, content streaming systems, and the multi-threaded and cross-API renderer architecture.

All of this will be achieved using the latest PC hardware, technology and APIs to produce a fast and scale-able suite of visual technology to power some of the most ambitious games ever developed.

Founded in 2012, Cloud Imperium Games creates cutting-edge videogames that defy expectations. We’re currently developing Star Citizen, a record-breaking multiplayer online space sim, and Squadron 42, a cinematic single-player adventure set in the same universe. Join us as we break boundaries and make videogame history.

For more information about life at Cloud Imperium Games, check this out -


What does a Senior Graphic Programmer at Cloud Imperium Games do? In short, on daily basis you will:

  • Drive research and implementation of new cutting-edge graphics technology and tools.
  • Analyse, refactor and improve upon existing graphics technology.
  • Assist and advise other software developers in use of graphics/rendering features, while debugging and fixing problems.
  • Profile and optimise the entire rendering pipeline, including lighting and shading components of the game.
  • Keep up to date with latest graphics and rendering techniques and tools, helping us to innovate, plan, and deliver full features.


What do we expect from our Senior Graphic Programmers?

  • Comfortable working with C++ in a large shared codebase, including testing, code-reviews, source-control as well as experience with a common shader language and modern graphics API.
  • Good knowledge 3D rendering, 3D math, and optimization of the complete rendering pipeline.
  • Strong software debugging skills to effectively track, diagnose and solve a variety of complex issues.
  • Work well in a cooperative, cross-functional team environment; ability to translate technical jargon to non-technical audiences.

At Cloud Imperium Games we are looking for several Graphic Programmers with various levels of experience – from junior all the way to senior, and beyond! Therefore, if our Graphic team sounds like your perfect fit, please apply immediately!


Diversity Statement

CIG is a global company, staunchly committed to cultivating a culture and workplace that celebrates all backgrounds, lifestyles, and perspectives. Together, we are creating a space where authentic recognition, appreciation, and understanding of the importance of diversity is fostered by everyone. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we strive to build a team that represents all walks of life, and we want every employee to bring all the things that make them unique to the work environment. The universe is as vast and varied as the people in it, and it’s our differences that make it special.


Inez Mathern

Europa-Allee 52

60327 Frankfurt am Main

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