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Jobgesuch vom 06.11.2013

3D Character Artist

Dirk John


22607 Hamburg


Dirk John - ...

Dirk John - ...


Presently looking for a suitable vacancy and an opportunity to work with a team of qualified, diverse individuals who will help to develop my experience and career.

A motivated and passionate 3D Artist with a proven ability to develop high quality, life like characters and animations as well as having a solid understanding of game art and processes.

Extensive knowledge and experience in developing workflows and processes for designing characters for games, prototyping highly detailed 3D characters, painting photorealistic textures, retopologyzing, rigging, animating and also rendering.

Advanced experience with 3ds max, Maya, ZBrush, Mudbox, Unity 3D and Adobe Photoshop amongst many others.

Up to date with the latest 3D trends and cutting edge technology.


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