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Elysium Game Studio

Großbeerenstraße 2-10, House 1, Entrance 1.1
12107 Berlin


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The Elysium Game Studio is an innovative and growing game studio, that develops next-gen games for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. The highest quality is a part of our gaming culture. Our studio was founded in 2019, with the focus on high quality narrative and emotional storytelling.

Aktuelle Jobangebote

Art / Layout / Illustration

Character Artist   mehr
Animation Artist   mehr
Environment Artist / Level Designer   mehr

Game Designer / Level Designer

Game Designer   mehr

Programmer: Game Developer

C++ Unreal Engine Programmer / Game Programmer   mehr
Game Programmer for Unreal Engine   mehr


Ivan Mirkovikj

Founder | CEO | Game Director

Großbeerenstraße 2-10, House 1, Entrance 1.1

12107 Berlin

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+49 17645747394

Ivan Mirkovikj

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