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Cologne Game Lab

Ubierring 40
50678 Köln

School profile

The Cologne Game Lab researches and develops interactive content and provides specialist training for gaming industry professionals. In addition to it´s core topic on digital games, the institute covers interactive film and TV formats, nonlinear training opportunities and related digital art and entertainment forms. CGL promotes the creative responses towards conception, game design, authorship and audiovisual design.

Our aim is to take part in shaping the public opinion on games in a positive way. By hosting public events and expert conferences as well as by public relations and social media relations, CGL discusses and communicates crucial games topics and makes them available to the public.

Our offers



In projects, seminars and lectures our students creatively response with the diverse possibilities of game development and application. 
Courses focus on:

  • game design & storytelling
  • 3D-modelling & animation
  • prototyping
  • sounddesign & composition
  • game- & media theory
  • media research & media education
  • media law & media business


The aim of the master?s program in ?Game Development and Research? is to offer a training program for authors and designers creating digital games and other nonlinear audiovisual media which is both relevant to current industry demands but also looks ahead to the future.

The major challenge the course faces is to meet the demands of the constantly shifting new world of the games industry in both the shorter and longer term.

Job descriptions which outline the specific competencies required for a position vary from company to company. Whilst individual skillsets will vary according to each individual?s blend of creative and technical skills, students gaining the CGL masters will be qualified for various roles in game development, e.g.:

  • Game Designer
  • Interactive Designer
  • Concept Author
  • Stage Director


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