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What do HR Managers do?

HR Managers are the staffs‘ contact for work related issues and general care. Finding and hiring new employees is one of their main tasks. HR Managers must know the right channels used to get in touch with potential talent. In the games industry, it is therefore of special importance that HR know their online and social media HR marketing.

HR Manager in the games industry

In comparison, the games industry is quite young. Therefore, not a lot of vocational training programs exist yet. At the same time, there is a lock of experienced professionals in many areas (from development to online marketing). In such a climate, finding qualified candidates is HR’s greatest challenge.

Tasks in HR Manager jobs

Besides hiring talent HR Managers take care of staff. They organise training off the job and conduct appraisal interviews und salary negotiations. Knowing employer law is needed. Determining personnel requirements, writing vacancies, reviewing applications and conducting interviews are HR responsibilities. Social skills, diplomacy and sensitivity play a great role in each of these areas. In international companies, intercultural experience is another big plus.


Besides the skills mentioned above, a degree in economics or law with a focus on staff management is a big advantage. As is a degree in psychology, social sciences or education.

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