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Job types from A to Z

What does a Game Designer actually do and what are some requirements for Community Managers? We answer these and more questions in this overview of game job types. All fields get a short introduction. You will also find all current job offers in the specific areas.
Art / Layout / Illustration ( 5 Job Offers)

Modern computer- and video games as well as an increasing number of online games impress us with highly detailed graphics, so a variety of ...  more
Audio / Music / Sound ( 0 Job Offers)

Music in games In computer- and videogames, Sound Designers are responsible for the background music and sound effects. It is an essential part of a ...  more
Business Development / Sales ( 0 Job Offers)

Business Development – Making the company grow As Business Development Manager you develop and enhance strategic partnerships. Your core task ...  more
C-Level / Management ( 0 Job Offers)

C-Level means a company’s upper management, referring to Chief Officers. Their tasks can vary which is reflected in their job title. A Chief ...  more
Controlling / Payment / Finance ( 2 Job Offers)

As a Controller, you organise and optimise corporate finance. This means planning, analysing, steering and controlling corporate mechanisms from an ...  more
Game Designer / Level Designer ( 0 Job Offers)

Game Designers are, in general, the creators of the game. Much like directors of movies, their tasks include creating plots, storylines and ...  more
Legal / Human Resources ( 1 Job Offer )

HR Managers are the staffs‘ contact for work related issues and general care. Finding and hiring new employees is one of their main tasks. HR ...  more
Localization / Translation ( 3 Job Offers)

Your job as Localization Manager In the games industry, localization means translating computer and video games into different languages. It’s ...  more
Marketing / PR ( 3 Job Offers)

Job profile: Marketing Manager Marketing is all about placing brands and products favorably and increasing willingness to buy in customers. In ...  more
Productmanagement / Producing ( 1 Job Offer )

In order to recognize gaming trends a Product Manager needs to know the market well. Which game concepts are promising and which of them have the ...  more
Programmer: Game Developer ( 4 Job Offers)

As a Game Developer you are responsible for the implementation of the game’s concept laid out by the game designers. In order to develop or add ...  more
Programmer: IT / Backend / Client / Web ( 5 Job Offers)

Information Technology (IT) describes a multitude of occupations. In thegames industry, system and network administrators anddata bank specialists ...  more
Programmer: Mobile Developer ( 2 Job Offers)

As (Mobile) Programmer / Developer, you use programming- and scripting languages like Unity3D, Cocos2d, C++, Java, HTML5 and PHP to create games for ...  more
QA / Testing ( 3 Job Offers)

In Quality Assurance (QA) or Testing everything revolves around ensuring quality and security in videogames and gaming platforms. It’s less ...  more
Writer / Editor ( 0 Job Offers)

Editor/Games-Journalist Do you like writing? Do you feel good about your style, spelling and grammar? Do you know the games industry, its key ...  more
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