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„Game Designer / Level Designer“

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What do Game Designers do?

Game Designers are, in general, the creators of the game. Much like directors of movies, their tasks include creating plots, storylines and characters. However, a core game designer is responsible for the conception, gameplay and content of a game and defines all other core rules for what happens in the game. Game designers have an eye on the overall project and communicate content to the rest of the development team. On the other hand, a Level Designer creates levels, environments and other important visual assets for the game. Designers commonly adjust their vision of the game during the development period in response to any difficulties. This is often referred to as game balancing.

Requirement in Game Design jobs

In order to communicate the vision of the game, a game designer needs excellent written and verbal communications skills . He or she must be able to present the idea on paper and in front of other team members. In terms of teamwork it is important to accept constructive feedback. Skills in visual design and coding are helpful for communication with the art and programming department. It is also advantageous to have narrating and storytelling skills. As always, be active and create your own mod or lend a helpful hand to similar projects. It is a good way to get useful information from other users and reads well in your application.

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