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„QA / Testing“

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What do Game Testers do?

In Quality Assurance (QA) or Testing everything revolves around ensuring quality and security in videogames and gaming platforms. It’s less about gameplay but more about functionality and usability. Whenever a new or unreleased game shows technical flaws like bugs or glitches, it’s the Game Tester who’s responsible for idenitfying them. That means multiple playthroughs and tackling different game scenarios in a variety of ways.

Tasks and objectives in Game Tester Jobs

A good Game Tester has a structured approach, impeccable mental focus, great attention to detail and quality as well as persistence. Besides tracking errors, documentation is another important task. To do both of these things professionally, you need to know your way around bugtrackers like Mantis or Bugzilla. Beginners with a lack of practical experience are advised to become familiar with these. Even though game tester tasks fall on the technical side of things, language skills are also required, since proof reading is also part of the job.

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