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„Community Management / Customer Service / Support“

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What do Community Managers do?

Community Manager – Between company and user

A Community Manager is a link between a games company and its community. Ideas, questions or criticism from within the community are forwarded to proper departments by the Community Manager. In this work, you represent company interests and communicate current and critical topics like changes to game balance, patches or new features. Strong communication and high social awareness are required skills. You have an eye on the community and anticipate and counteract moments where their attitude could shift. You also act as peacemaker between arguing parties. To be respected by the community, you must handle these disputes impartially.

Tasks in Community Management jobs

Your goal ist to help players with problems and ensure their goodwill towards game content and rules. Ideally, you’re an active part of the community yourself, enjoy the game and speak its language. This gains you authenticity. You’re a skilled speaker, often times hired to handle entire countries or regions.

Customer Service - The troubleshooter

While a Community Manager works as an expert and first contact for one or several games, a Customer Service Representative ensures that everything flows smoothly from a technical point of view. Does a player have difficulties logging into a game? Do unknown error messages pop up? Did a digital transaction somehow not get completed? Customer Service has the answers to all of these problems and more.

Tasks in Customer Service jobs

A big part of your daily ob is offering help when technical difficulties occur. You keep strict tabs on customer complaints with which you develop solutions and create guides and FAQs. That makes you a link between players and developers. In a best case scenario, a constant feedback loop emerges. This reduces technical errors to a minimum. Skills in your tool belt include intuition, capacity to handle stress and communications skills.

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