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„Localization / Translation“

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What do Localization Managers do?

Your job as Localization Manager

In the games industry, localization means translating computer and video games into different languages. It’s your job as Localization Manager to organize your staff in order to get this process done – not so much the translation itself. This part is done by Translators who are selected and distributed throughout different projects by the Localization Manager. Furthermore, it’s your task to implement and control time tables, book recording studios and write copy for manuals and packaging.


Sometimes things get lost in translation. To minimize this risk is a Localization Manager’s task. They need to brief the team accordingly and come up with synonyms and the like. Certain puns or references to people or pop culture aren’t easily brought into another language. Likewise, cultural or linguistic characteristics of countries the game will launch in have to be noticed. These aspects are very important since they can have a huge influence on how fun the game is.

Important Skills: Sensitivity for language and organization

There’s no one single study program or job training for this occupation. Companies often look for state certified translators and foreign language correspondents. Communication skills and sensitivity for languages are generally required. These days, games come out in about five languages – many more if it’s an online game. You don’t have to be fluent in all of them, general understanding is mostly enough. English is an absolute must, though. Besides that, Localization Managers can organize, function well in teams and have a responsible work ethic.

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