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Jobrequest dated from 11/05/2018


Md Muzamill Khann


Diploma in Information Technology

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I am Md Muzamill Khann, I am that person who loves games, so much so that I was clearly adamant about building a career in the gaming industry. I come from a very small city in India named Cuttack. I never finished my education, but I never stopped learning about games even. For 8 years when I was not studying, I was building networks with local cafe owners, I used to install fantastic MMORPG games in their parlor and teach the kids coming there on how to play those games and in return, I used to spend 10 hours every day without paying a dime. Coming from a middle-class family has its trouble but I used to find my escape in playing games or setting it up for the kids or even winning tournaments organized locally. As time passed I got myself a 3rd hand laptop (seriously "yes" a 3rd hand). It helped me expand my knowledge as I started to play from my home, I learned about private game servers, I started helping game communities and that's how I became Game Master and Community manager for few private and publishing companies in the US and Europe.


All the above experiences and knowledge helped me land a job in QA position in EA where I excelled and was even awarded for my performance. About year and a half ago, I joined Glu Mobiles and since then I have been part of each project, single-handedly shipped one third-party title and supported LiveOps team as well. From using different tools such as Charles Proxy, Internal Analytics, KPI, Helpshift, Google Dev Console etc. to creating test cases on excel and then uploading it to testrail, creating documentation on confluence w.r.t scrums, SOS meeting, game updates, and weekly meeting sync or even collaborating in playtesting. I have been able to perform exceptionally well. I am the man when any live project on the floor needs an urgent lookout as I mentioned before that I had in hand experience in almost all the projects.


I am a quick learner and a self-starter, I work very efficiently with the team and can work independently if required. I don't shy away from asking questions to have clarity of the work and I make sure to deliver the product on time. I can do all this because I break down the work/task into small manageable items and then based on priorities and time frame distribute the work to get the job done.


Hope this little bit about me will help you take a good decision.



Md Muzamill Khann



30000 EUR


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