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Nintendo of Europe GmbH

Goldsteinstraße 235
60528 Frankfurt am Main


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Company description

Nintendo is an international leader in the interactive entertainment industry, and develops, produces and markets software and hardware. Our games and our TV-linked and mobile consoles set the standards in terms of games fun and challenging, family-friendly entertainment. The goal of our work is to make people smile. We inspire our customers around the world with professionalism and new ideas, and it’s our goal to expand the number of people who have access to the characters and worlds from games created by Nintendo.

Current job offers

Localization / Translation

(Associate) Localisation Producer (Software and Audio) (m/f/d)   more
(Junior) Translator (English-French) (m/f/d)   more
(Junior) Translator (English - Dutch) (m/f/d)   more

Marketing / PR

Intern Product Development Coordination (Licensing) (m/f/d)   more
Intern European Marketing (m/f/d)   more

QA / Testing

Lotcheck Game Tester (m/f/d)   more
QA Tester (Dutch) (m/f/d)   more
QA Tester (Italian) (m/f/d)   more


SCM Logistics System Specialist (m/f/d)   more
Intern UX/UI Design (m/f/d)   more
Intern Supply Chain Analysis (m/f/d)   more
Sales & Forecast Analyst (m/f/d)   more
(Junior) Analyst (m/f/d)   more

Contact Person

Katharina Znoj


Goldsteinstraße 235

60528 Frankfurt am Main

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