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University of Applied Sciences


About 6,500 students are enrolled at our three campuses in Trier, Idar-Oberstein and Birkenfeld making Trier University of Applied Sciences the largest in Rhineland-Palatinate.


Thanks to our international location in the region of southwestern Germany where three countries meet, conditions here are ideal for preparing students for careers not just in Germany, but also in Luxemburg, France or Belgium. Regarding this international employment market on our doorstep, we offer a wide range of courses of study in technology, business, law, design and computer science, while the Environmental Campus of the FH Trier is concentrating on topics related to environmental issues.


A course of study at Trier University of Applied Sciences means an education with a strong practical focus combined with a solid theoretical foundation, and includes supervised projects, a practical semester or a study semester abroad.

Through our excellent business contacts we can offer our students plenty of opportunities for applied research and works, thus ensuring our courses remain up-to-date and meet the demands of potential employers.

Cooperation agreements with many universities and third-level institutions worldwide, double degrees and semester exchange programmes at all levels complete our international profile. Our degrees have already been converted into the internationally accredited bachelor and master degrees.





Our offers

Our offer  

Computer Science - Digital Media and Games - Specialization: Games


The development of computer- and videogames has become a major industry nowadays. In consequence we offer the specialization of computer games in our study program of digital media and games.

The technical side of game development is especially interesting as it offers a mixture of all aspects of computer science. This includes numerical mathematics, network programming and software architecture. A solid knowledge in technical and practical computer science as well as mathematics is necessary to  understand the technology behind modern games.

Game programming is a demanding job.  The fast evolution of game technology requires a working attitude, where one is always eager to learn new methods and technologies. The consumer knowledge of computer games only plays a very minor role in the qualification spectrum  of a professional game developer.


Job market

The following types of jobs can be found in every game development company:

  • game programming: In game programming the technical backbone of a game is generated. This includes for instance the movement, jumping and collision of characters.
  • game art: This is the artistic part of game development where for instance characters or backgrounds are visually designed.
  • game design: Game design is about defining what the game is about. This includes the definition of the game rules.
  • game production: Game production is like production in the moving picture industry a management discipline.

Usually entry positions are geared towards programmers and artists. To work as a game designer or a game producer previous game industry experience is usually required. The best approach is to decide which type of job fits your skills and interests best.

The curriculum

The bachelor program is scheduled for 6 semesters.

In the first year of study the basic education in computer science, media technology and digital games is provided.

The second year of education continuous with more specialized subjects. With the specialization in game programming you will get taught in the basics of game and engine programming. In a special media project you will be able to implement your first game or game component. This is done under the supervision of an experienced professor.

In the third year elective courses can be taken. Additional team orientated projects will be done. Finally in you Bachelor thesis you will do your first independent project under realistic working conditions.


The bachelor of science is an internationally recognized degree that adheres to the standards of the European union.

The degree offers two possibilities you may choose from. You can either directly work in the industry or choose to continue with the masters degree at either our school or at a different university within or out of Germany. The masters degree usually takes additional 4 semesters. It qualifies you for demanding jobs in industry and science. In Germany it is also a prerequisite to get up in the higher ranks in public service positions.  A masters degree is also a necessary condition if you choose to continue with a PhD later on.


The enrollment in that course can either be done in the summer or the winter term. Basic courses that have to be taken first are offered summer and winter. Enrollment can be done under the link


For you as a foreign exchange student certain requirements have to be met. These correspond roughly to the German A-levels. More detailed information on this issue can be found at and Any prior knowledge in computer science is not required.



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