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Art / Layout / Illustration

Modern computer- and video games as well as an increasing number of online games impress us with highly detailed graphics, so a variety of specialists are involved in their realization. These can be 2D / 3D Artists, Animators, Concept Artists, Vector Illustrators, Screen Designers, Interface Designers and more.

Requirements of Game Artist Jobs

There are a number of different requirements for an artist. A 3D Artist should have advanced knowledge of common 3D graphic software like 3D Studio Max, Maya, Cinema4D, Sketchup or 7Brush. Drawing skills with pen and paper are important too, but not to the same degree. For a Concept Artist it is essential to have a good understanding of perception for anatomy and perspective. It allows them to illustrate and see in which direction the upcoming game is evolving.

General requirements

Regardless of the specialization, there are general requirements for all Game Artists. These include drawing skills, a deep understanding of colors, shapes and lighting. In this context, teamwork and communication skills are indispensable for the disclosure of the work to other departments in the company. The ability to work skillfully with Photoshop is common for people in the graphics department. For the most part, a degree in art or a similar graduation is required for an application.

Your application

Your upcoming application should consist of expressive work samples. Past work on any projects or mods is a huge advantage. Also, it is worthwhile to publish your work on a website like Deviantart to gain experience and advice on how to improve your skills.
Current job offers
Breda University of Applied Sciences - Lecturers/ Instructors in Game Art (part-time / full-time)   more
YAGER Development GmbH - Lead Level Designer (f/m/d)   more
gamigo AG - Project Manager (m/f/d)   more
gamigo AG - Graphic Designer (m/f/d)   more
YAGER Development GmbH - Lead Animator (f/m/d)   more
YAGER Development GmbH - Senior 3D Environment Artist (f/m/d)   more
YAGER Development GmbH - Senior Concept Artist (f/m/d)   more
YAGER Development GmbH - UE4 Technical Artist (f/m/d)   more
YAGER Development GmbH - Senior Animator (f/m/d)   more
YAGER Development GmbH - Lead Environment Artist (f/m/d)   more
YAGER Development GmbH - Lead Technical Artist (f/m/d)   more
Daedalic Entertainment GmbH - Senior 3D Artist (Level Art) (m/f/d)   more
gamigo AG - Mobile UI/UX Designer/Artist (m/f/d)   more
YAGER Development GmbH - Senior Technical Artist (f/m/d)   more
YAGER Development GmbH - Senior VFX Artist (f/m/d)   more
Tivola Games GmbH - (Senior) Marketing Artist (m/f/d)   more
gamigo AG - Senior Mobile Artist (m/f/d)   more
META Games GmbH - Senior Manager BI & Analytics (mobile free2play game)   more
META Games GmbH - UI/UX Designer (mobile free2play game)   more
Kalypso Media Group GmbH - 2D Intern (m/f/d)   more
Kalypso Media Group GmbH - 3D Intern (m/f/d)   more
Lotum media GmbH - Werkstudent:in Design (UX/UI)(m/w/d)   more
gamigo AG - Graphic Designer – Video Editor (m/f/d)   more
Tivola Games GmbH - 3D Artist   more
Lotum media GmbH - Junior Product Designer (UX/UI) (m/w/d)   more
Lotum media GmbH - Senior Product Designer (UX/UI) (m/w/d)   more
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