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„C-Level / Management“

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What is C-Level?

C-Level means a company’s upper management, referring to Chief Officers. Their tasks can vary which is reflected in their job title. A Chief Executive Officer or CEO is at the top of the company. Other common C-Level positions include the Chief Operation Officer (COO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO). Depending on the size of the business, industry and structure, there might also be a number of lesser known C-Level positions.

Requirements for C-Level positions

Solid knowledge of business administration is elemental for this type of position. Therefore, a degree in economics or engineering can be found in any job description, supplemented by substantial experience from working abroad. Depending on the position, fundamental knowledge in risk management, human resources or strategic management is a must. In addition, solid soft skills will boost your opportunities. These include leadership, social skills and being a team player.

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