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What do Marketing and PR Managers do?

Job profile: Marketing Manager

Marketing is all about placing brands and products favorably and increasing willingness to buy in customers. In order to do so, a Marketing Manager creates a concept (marketing mix) tailored to the product, target group and market conditions. This allows the marketing effort to spread via multiple channels. In the games industry, big marketing pushes are often seen around the holiday season. At this time, big companies usually release their huge titles, placing commercials in TV and the movies, billboards, in print and online.

In recent years, online marketing, especially social media marketing and search engine optimization have increased in significance. Additionally, customer relationship management (CRM) is implemented to nurture existing customer relationships. Skills in these areas are therefore highly sought after.

Job profile: PR Manager

The PR Manager is tasked with strengthening the public image of the company/organisation/association/product. Contrary to marketing, PR is not a tool used to generate an increase in sales. Rather, it seeks to establish a great reputation and public awareness.

Depending on whether the company itself or a product is PR’s focus, we differentiate between corporate PR and product PR. A big chunk of PR is the development of concepts that define goals, target audiences, measures and timelines. This requires extensive knowledge of the company and its philosophy. Then it’s off to talking to journalists of relevant media in order to offer them stories, interviews or similar. Besides press relations, a PR Manager also take part in event management – trade fairs or corporate events come to mind.

Requirements for Marketing and PR Managers

Excellent skills in language, communication and expression are basic conditions. A degree in Marketing, Communication, Media Studies or similar are widely demanded. Given that there are but a few specialized PR majors, a PR Manager’s job profile isn’t as thoroughly defined as that of Marketing Managers.

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