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Jobrequest dated from 05/25/2020

Community Manager

Dzhuliana El-Kakhat


10249 Berlin

Bachelor's Degree in Management of Organisation

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My name is Dzhuliana and I love working with video games no less than I love playing them (I've been a gamer since 2006; online games are my passion!). As a Community Manager and a Product Manager, I have over 6 years of working experience in the games industry - ranging from AAA to casual games, on PC and Mobile. I was working with such AAA-titles as ArcheAge (MMORPG) and PUBG (Battle Royal), and casual Facebook games with millions of users. 


I have vast experience in managing various social media channels. For example, on Facebook, I fully managed pages, groups and direct messages from users for 7+ games simultaneously. I also created and managed a Discord channel (15k + players) and fully supported a community page on VKontakte with 1 million followers. In addition, I identified key influencers (creators, talents and community leaders), engaged in outreach activities to build and maintain relationships, and worked with community contributors (video bloggers and fan communities).


I produced and hosted video content updates, developed and prepared in-game entertainment events for players and helped create and promote tournaments aimed at exciting participants and spectators alike. I have experience in creating and launching promotional events, writing advertisements for the PR department and adjusting monetization. I also interact with other departments (art, web, marketing, etc.) and know how to work and communicate with them in the most productive and efficient way. I have team management experience as well - as a Team Lead, I distributed tasks inside my team and coordinated their activities to reach KPI goals. Back in the days, I was working as a system administrator for almost 6 years, so I also have a technical background. 


I speak English and Russian fluently (Russian is my native language).


I am an easy-going and friendly team player with a strong yearning for improving efficiency on any project that I am working on. I like to be fully engaged in the work process and always looking for new trends and ideas which help my project perform in the best way.


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33000 EUR


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