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Jobrequest dated from 12/19/2013

2D Artist

Iulian Agapie


060504 Bucharest

Master Degree

Iulian Agapie CV.pdf

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I am doing art for games for over 12 years now, and I can say that in my activity I have seen, understood and re-invented any kind of computer graphics for hand-held devices, starting with 1 bit per pixel graphics, voxels, indexed palettes, vector graphics, 3D texturing, and concept art.


I have managed over 30 artists at one time, on different projects, worked in SCRUM system, prioritizing crunch-time tasks. My experience served me well and I am confident that I can do more and learn more from now on.
I am looking for a professional team and creative environment, where I can successfully express my vision. I have a great satisfaction when I can experiment with technical details and to adapt those to the art direction of my work.


I like to share from my experience and to have feedback of any kind over my work, knowing that I can evolve always in my career.





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