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Payment options

Details of payment options

There are several ways to make your payments. Once we have credited your payment, the booked service is verified by our team and posted online.

In each of the payment options, the transaction details and thus the data submitted by you are transferred in SSl-encrypted form.

Payment by credit card

You may conveniently and securely make your payments with a credit card. In this case choose credit card as your payment method: We accept MasterCard and Visa.

Our billing service provider for credit card payments is Novalnet AG. Your credit card data are transferred in SSl-encrypted form.

Electronic payment by direct debit

You can also pay us electronically by direct debit. In this instance, select direct debit as payment method. State your banking details (account name, sort code and account no.) in the spaces provided on the form to give us a single direct debit authorisation to conduct a withdrawal from your account in payment of each booked service.

Our billing service provider for electronic direct debit is Novalnet AG. Here, too, your data are transferred in SSl-encrypted form.

Payment by direct debit requires instant payment by withdrawal from the current account stated in the order process at the financial institution stated there. By sending the filled-out forms, you authorize “Novalnet AG“, subject to cancellation, to withdraw payments due through placing of your order by direct debit from the current account.

We point out that the financial institution in charge of the account is not required to execute the transaction in case of insufficient funds in the account. Partial payments are not undertaken with direct debit.

By stating your checking account in the forms provided, you confirm that you have a right to make withdrawals from the relevant current account. Chargebacks entail great expense and costs for us. In the event of chargeback (due to insufficient funds, account closing or objection of the account holder or incorrect account data), you are therefore required to pay a handling fee of €7.50 for each chargeback. Additional claims are reserved. Given the expense and costs involved with chargebacks and to avoid handling fees, we request in case of rescission or cancellation of the purchase contract, returns or service complaint that you not cancel the direct debit. In those instances, and following consultation with us, we will undertake a payment reversal by refund of the respective amount or by credit note.

Payment by PayPal

You may also pay by PayPal. Please select PayPal as payment method and you will be transferred directly to the PayPal site. If you already have a PayPal account, you can enter your user data there and confirm the payment. If you are new to PayPal, you may also register as a guest or open an account and then confirm the payment.

Payment by (direct e-mail banking)

You may also make your payment by Select sofortbanking as payment mode and you will be transferred directly to the site. allows you to make a money transfer for the respective amount from your online bank account while ordering.

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