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Jobgesuch vom 19.12.2023

3D - Character Artist / - Generalist

Michael Braun


86150 Augsburg

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Michael Braun





I am studying Interactive Media Systems at TH Augsburg, starting to work on my Master's thesis in early 2024.

During my studies, I worked on several projects, with varying team sizes in agile environments. I was mainly acting as a creative lead, directly responsible for 3D Asset Creation (mostly Characters) with desired performance, Highpoly baking, Texturing/ Material creation as well as, Branding.

Regarding my work, I am very passionate and precise. This ambition allows me to deliver assets worthy of being close to the camera and convey their high production quality.

Currently, I'm looking for a student trainee position during which I can also work on my thesis – and hopefully stay and grow after my studies are over.

However, a good opportunity will surely not be missed! :)

Experienced Workflows:

Lowpoly to Highpoly
Highpoly to Lowpoly
PBR Texturing



  •     Complex understanding of Topology
  •     Excellent Lowpoly modeling Skills
  •     Meticulous UV Mapping
  •     Procedural Texturing.
  •     Strong ZBrush Knowledge
  •     Trained in virtual lighting, camera properties, framing and composition
  •     Engine Experience
  •     Comfortable in Adobe graphic applications (PS, AI, ID)
  •     Good Perception of Human Anatomy
  •     Interest in photogrammetry and AI-powered Software


Relocation is currently not possible.

Powerful private Workstation.

Drivers Licence class B & Car.



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Local / Hybrid / Remote Deutschland


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