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„Programmer: IT / Backend / Client / Web“

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What do IT Managers do?

Information Technology (IT) describes a multitude of occupations. In thegames industry, system and network administrators anddata bank specialists are strongly sought after.

Tasks of System and Network Admins

Organizing the entire network procedure, all systems and the user support are tasks of System and Network Admins. Especially with online games, it’s crucial to have servers running smoothly so games are accessible 24/7. That means Admins sometimes have to be on call outside of normal working hours. Furthermore, System and Network Admins develop new technical concepts and guidelines for existing IT infrastructure. They also ensure all planning and controlling of IT security. In times where technical advances are frequent, IT staff really needs to stay on top of things.


To get started in IT, you should have a degree in computer science or a comparable vocational training. Your working style should be goal-oriented and independent.

Data Bank Admin: Tasks and Requirements

As the name suggests, Data Bank Admins deal with everything in regards to data banks. This includes collecting and managing data, building data banks, research as well as indexing and micrography. Data Bank Admins also develop replication and backup concepts. Especially in online games, a secure way of dealing with huge amounts of data in high stress scenarios is demanded. For this occupation, a degree in computer science or economics and practical experience are obligatory.

Tasks of Web Developers

Web Developers use programming languages like Java, PHP, Perl, C, C++ and Javascript to create websites and web modules. Programming languages are their most important tools. That’s way it is crucial to stay up to date when it comes to the development of new codes or elements. Many bigger firms ensure this via trainings on the job. Still, you should always show the initiative. Next to programming languages, Web Developers also know HTLM and CSS programming in addition to their experience with data bank systems like Oracle, SQL or MySQL.

Besides these technical requirements, Web Developers need great English and teamplayer skills. In concept phases, they work tightly with Designers to ensure feasibility early on.

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