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Wattstraße 10
13355 Berlin


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GAMEVIL COM2US Europe GmbH provides localization, community management and marketing services for mobile games like Summoners War, Dragon Blaze and ArcheAge Begins. Initially set up as GAMEVIL Europe in 2015, we have grown to more than 30 employees and extended our scope to include the global top-5-grossing mobile game Summoners War, which is developed by our sister company COM2US. In 2017 we hosted offline events such as the Summoners War World Arena Championship in Paris, with over 1.000 people in the audience, 16 players from across Europe, streams in five languages and hundreds of thousands of viewers on Twitch and Youtube. We're looking to grow significantly in 2018 to be ready for the launch of new games like the next generation mobile MMO Royal Blood, Skylanders Mobile and the much anticipated Summoners War MMO.


Aktuelle Jobangebote

Art / Layout / Illustration

Marketing & Video Artist (F/M)   mehr

Community Management / Customer Service / Support

Community Manager – Social Media [TURKISH] (F/M)   mehr
Community Manager – Social Media [GERMAN] (F/M)   mehr
Community Manager – Service Operations [GERMAN] (F/M)   mehr

Localization / Translation

Translator English to Russian (F/M)   mehr
Translator English to French (F/M)   mehr
Translator English to Brazilian Portuguese (F/M)   mehr
Localization Coordinator (F/M)   mehr

Marketing / PR

Marketing Intern (F/M)   mehr


David Mohr

Wattstraße 10

13355 Berlin

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