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YAGER Development GmbH

Pfuelstr. 5
10997 Berlin


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YAGER is an independent developer of computer and video games based in Berlin, Germany. We are specialized in the creation of AAA, multi-platform action experiences, for a global audience. Attention to detail is a hallmark of our development; from refining game play to the point of excellence, to instilling both the stories and the environments with enough depth and detail to set our products apart.
We are an English speaking studio with more than 100 people from 15 different countries. This rich mix of individual skills, backgrounds, and perspectives creates an open-minded and collaborative atmosphere vital to the success of our productions.

Aktuelle Jobangebote

Art / Layout / Illustration

Senior Concept Artist (f/m/d)   mehr
Senior Character Artist (f/m/d)   mehr

Game Designer / Level Designer

Junior Game Designer (f/m/d)   mehr
Technical Artist (f/m/d)   mehr
Technical Designer (f/m/d)   mehr

Legal / Human Resources

Human Resources Coordinator [w/m/d]   mehr

Productmanagement / Producing

Live Operations Manager (f/m/d)   mehr

Programmer: Game Developer

Game Engineer (f/m/d)   mehr

QA / Testing

QA Lead (f/m/d)   mehr


Data Analyst / Scientist (f/m/d)   mehr
OFFICE ASSISTANT (w/m/d)   mehr


Human Resources

Pfuelstr. 5

10997 Berlin

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Human Resources

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